Granite Countertop Installation for Residents of La Crosse, WI & the Surrounding Area

Granite Countertop La Crosse WIWhether you have your mind set on purchasing a new granite countertop for your kitchen or are just seeking more information about granite countertops, in general, turn to The Board Store Home Improvements. We are located at 514 Copeland Avenue in La Crosse, WI, and have one of the best selections of granite countertops around.  It will be our pleasure to help you select a granite countertop that allows you to achieve your kitchen remodeling objectives.

Granite’s popularity as a kitchen countertop material really shouldn’t come as a big surprise. You can plausibly argue that a granite countertop is the ideal type of countertop to have. The advantages of granite include the following:

  • Unique pattern – No two granite countertops look exactly alike. Each granite slab has a distinctive pattern with regard to veining, specks, and swirls.
  • Durability – Though not indestructible, granite countertops can take a serious beating and not look worse for wear.
  • Easy to clean – If properly sealed, granite countertops are impervious to stains and easy to keep clean. All that’s usually required is a periodic wipe down with a cloth and warm water. Specialty products, like granite wipes, can be effective to use as well.
  • Adds to home value – Although it’s one of the most expensive kitchen countertop materials, granite has a reputation for helping to increase home value. Whether you’re currently in the market to sell or not, this is an aspect of granite to consider.

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