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The issue of condensation and potential mold is one of the most serious concerns facing homeowners today.  Constant efforts to improve the efficiency of homes has resulted in many homes developing humidity levels above those recommended for wood frame construction.

CAUSES:  Windows do not create moisture, but they are often the first signal homeowners have that humidity levels have become excessive.  There are only two variables that affect condensation.  The variables are relative humidity and surface temperature.  The higher the relative humidity, the more likely condensation will occur (consider the bathroom mirror when you shower).  The lower the surface temperature, the more likely condesation will occur (consider the condensation on eyeglasses when you come indoors from sub-zero weather).  Modern replacement windows with Low e Argon glass generally will not develop any condensation when humidity is maintained at proper levels.  In fact, high performance windows can serve as an “early warning device” for excessive humidity in your home.  Condensation on vinyl replacement windows, though inconvenient, cannot harm the window.  It could, however, indicate the possibility of hidden condensation within the home.

SOLUTIONS:  The simplest and most effective method of reducing a short-term humidity problem is to remove humid air and replace it with dry air.  Cracking a couple of windows for a short while or cracking a window and turning on an exhaust fan can have a relatively immediate affect on household humidity.  Humid air is exhausted and outside air (dry air) is brought in.  The cost of heating the fresh air  is a small price compared to the potential damage and it improves the air quality in the home.

Long term humidity levels may require more serious efforts like installing a mechanical fresh air system.  A competent heating contractor should be able to assist with this need.

The important thing to remember is that keeping humidity levels within the recommended levels is essential to structural integrity and a healthy environment in your home.

Outside Temperature
– 20 F
– 10 F
0 F
+10 F
+20 F
Inside Relative Humidity
15 to 20%
15 to 20%
20 to 25%
25 to 30%
30 to 35%

(Indoor humidity can be measured with a humistat or psychrometer.)

These safe humidity levels indicate that the humidity level should be lower as the outside temperature drops.  The ensure long-term structural integrity, homeowners should make proper humidity levels a priority.


First, you should know that The Board Store window installation crew has installed over 50,000 windows. Second, The Board Store employs their installation crews as full time employees, so they are very conscientious of the work they do and the service they provide during installation. Third, our vinyl windows carry a limited lifetime warranty and a 10 year labor warranty. So, if you have any problems you can trust that we will be here to take care of them.

There is a variety of choices for you to enjoy outdoor living ranging from simple screen rooms to sophisticated all glass  sunrooms.  Screen rooms; vinyl or single glass rooms for seasonal enjoyment; year round rooms with double or triple pane glass and shade roofs; all glass rooms in straight,  cathedral (gable) style or customized stick built rooms with standard or super efficent windows.  The right room for every home and family.

We always suggest doing your homework.  Ask for references, licensing and proof of insurance.  Check out online comments and look at independent survey sites such as Guild Quality.

A credible contractor should have several good references that you can contact, licensing for the state the work is being performed in and their own employees doing the installation.  If they are subcontracting the installation crew, then make sure the subcontractors are licensed and insured too.  Without insurance an accident could cost you your home.

Low e (emissivity) glass—Emissivity is defined as “the relative power of a surface to emit heat by radiation.” Emit means to “throw or give off.” Low-E glass then is a special glass that has a low rate of emission. In other words, if there is a heat source inside your house (or outside!), the glass bounces the heat from that object back away from the glass. So, in the winter months, if you have Low-E glass in your home, the heat from the furnace is bounced back into your home.  In the summer, the same thing happens but in reverse. The sun heats things up outside of your house. This heat radiates from those objects and tries to get into your house. Of course, it tries to take the path of least resistance, that being the glass. With Low-E glass much of this heat bounces off the glass and stays outside.

Argon gas is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic and above all, safe inert gas.  It is heavier than air and therefore provides more thermal efficiency than having air between the glass.

U factor is most critical during the heating season.  The lower the U factor, the greater the window resistance to heat flow, and it’s insulation value.  U factor ratings usually fall between .20 to 1.20 with a lower U factor indicating more energy savings on heating and cooling costs.

While it may seem intimidating to buy replacement windows, it is a purchase that you will reap benefits from for many years to come. That’s because windows affect so many aspects of your home—including its appearance and energy efficiency—so not only will the beauty and value of your home increase, but you’ll also notice lower monthly heating and cooling costs. Learn more here.

Unlike traditional tubs with a high basin wall that you must step over, walk-in tubs have low entry thresholds that allow the bather to walk right in without the risk of tripping and falling. This makes these tubs an excellent investment for those with limited mobility or who want to age-in-place safely and independently. Find out more here.

While you may not think about gutters often, they are an incredibly important component of a home. They channel rainwater away from a structure and its surrounding property, helping to prevent the costly and devastating effects of water damage, such as mold and mildew growth, insect infestation, roof rot, landscape erosion, and much more. Click here to learn more about why you should have gutters installed on your house.

Your windows play a major role in the appearance, energy efficiency, and security of your home, which is why it’s so important to make sure yours are in tip-top condition. If your current windows are old, drafty, cracked, or difficult to operate, it may be a sign that you should invest in new ones. Click here to learn more about when it’s time for new home windows.

New front doors can drastically transform the exterior of your home for the better, as well as enhance its security and energy efficiency. In order to make sure you choose the best entry doors for your home, you should take into account your climate, the level of maintenance you’re willing to apply, your taste, and your budget. Click here to learn more.

Insulated vinyl siding is an excellent investment for any home. It will help prevent heat transfer, which can help keep your home’s interior warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. This will reduce the burden on your HVAC system to maintain comfortable temperatures year round, which can lead to lower energy costs. Find out more about the many benefits of insulated vinyl siding here!

If you’re searching for new windows, you may have heard that some are more energy efficient than others, but what exactly makes that so? They are several important features that help maximize a window’s energy efficiency, including low-E glass coating, gas fills, and several panes of glass. Find out more about how these aspects improve thermal performance here.

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